FREE Ava Photo {Perfect Selfie Editor} iOS App!

Ava Photo is a chic & modern way to naturally enhance your beauty and share your special moments. Touch up selfies on your iPhone with the easiest-to-use photo editing app, Ava Photo. Feel confident sharing every picture you take when you use Ava Photo, your one stop app. In just one-click, naturally remove any skin imperfections including smoothing skin, removing blemishes and dark circles as well as adding filters specifically designed for portraits. Choose from 5 Levels of Beautification to get the look you want and control the intensity of each effect, so that it suits your personality and style. 
• The best natural photo retouching app. 
Love the way you look in every selfie!
• Touch up skin imperfections in One-Click: 

Smooth Skin, Remove Dark Circles and Erase Blemishes!

• Save time editing before you share your photo 
by choosing from 5 Levels of Beautification: Subtle to Flawless

Ava Photo removes the harsh feeling and errors that the default camera exaggerates in portrait photos. Bring dimension back into the face as well as soften your photos to look more like yourself. The app is designed to show the best and real image of yourself, while also creatively sharing your special moments in life. Just like your best friend, Ava will always be there to let you know when you need a touch-up!

Ava Photo Features:

ONE CLICK AUTO-BEAUTY: Beauty in a Touch
• Choose from 5 Levels of Beautification (Subtle to Flawless)
• Instantly smooth skin imperfections in one-click
• Adds highlight and contour to the face
• Save time editing photos before sharing
• Removes harsh feeling of default photos

SMOOTH SKIN: Hello Flawless!
• Smooth and rejuvenate your skin
• Transform your complexion from harsh to soft
• Correct unflattering lighting

BLEMISH REMOVAL: Erase Unwanted Blemishes and Acne 
• Remove temporary imperfections like pimples and blemishes 
• Improve the look of your skin in seconds!

DARK CIRCLE REMOVER: Brighten Tired Eyes 
• Brighten dark circles under your eyes
• Remove under-eye bags and puffiness in a swipe
• Look like you’ve had a full night of beauty sleep

NIGHTMODE: Improves Portraits for Night-Time Selfies 
• No more grainy, dull photos at night 
• Adds just enough light for dark settings 

FILTERS: Spice Up any Picture
• Express your personality by experimenting with our flattering filter set
• Bring out your inner fashionista by choosing an iconic celebrity style
• Each filter has three levels of intensity

DEFOCUS: Be the Center of Attention
• Blur out the background 
• Use the real-time camera to see how this looks live

• Turn selfies into a perfect square 
• Share directly to Instagram 
• Choose from a wide array of crop styles for additional sharing

• iPhone 6, 6 Plus
• iPhone 5, 5C, 5S
• iPhone 4S


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