DIY Chocolate Covered Pretzels!

Looking for something a little salty and sweet? I know just the thing for you! Chocolate covered pretzels will totally satisfy your craving. They are great for a tasty treat, parties, gifts and especially to eat with your family and friends. What makes them better than the store bought is you get to use what you want. Your choices of ingredients that fit your budget, diet and desires. Not only do you have way more for less than the price of store bought but they taste better too. Fresh is always better in this case!
* Crock-pot 
(Using this will allow you to keep your chocolate melted the entire time you are making the pretzels and not burn the chocolate, highly recommended)
* Ramekins or Small Dishes
* Heat resistant bowl (not plastic)
* Wax Paper
* Fridge or Freezer (optional)

* Dark Bakers Chocolate (any other kind of bakers chocolate can be substituted)
* Sprinkles 
* Bag of Pretzels

*Step 1: Put your bakers chocolate in your heat resistant bowl. (2 or 4 squares at a time)
*Step 2: Put your bowl into your crock-pot and turn on high, put lid over top.  Let set for 20 -30 minutes or until melted. (Bakers Chocolate usually keeps it's bar form even though it is melted until stirred)
*Step 3: While chocolate is melting, prep an area by laying down wax paper for your drying covered pretzels. You can cover a pan that can be easily moved to the fridge to cool or leave on counter/table.
*Step 4: Using your dishes, fill one with sprinkles and leave the other empty. Do this for each color sprinkles your use.
*Step 5: Using your tongs pick up a pretzel and dip into your melted chocolate. Let chocolate dry for 15 - 20 seconds. (This will keep them from dripping)
*Step 6: Hold your pretzel over the empty dish and pour your sprinkles over the chocolate on the pretzel. Cover to your desire.
*Step 7: Lay covered pretzel on the wax paper to dry. 
*Step 8: Repeat steps 5-7 until your wax paper is covered. You can let air dry or put in your fridge or freezer for a faster dry. This allows the chocolate to harden.
*Step 9: Eat & Enjoy!

- Everything shown is available at your local grocery store.
- Bakers Chocolate: Go Here to find an assortment for all tastes.
- Special Sprinkles: Go Here to find an assortment for all occasions.

- Put in a container and give as gifts. 
- Store finished pretzels in an air tight container to maintain freshness longer.

Disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links.