Purely Products Healthy Night Light Review!

Healthy Night™ Light is the most innovative night light on the market!  Purely’s Healthy Night™ Light is more than a long lasting night light with a powerful LED.  It has a built in ionizer in it so it freshens the air in rooms like bathrooms with poor ventilation. It’s such a remarkable lighting solution because it generates negative ions while it’s plugged in to remove particles like tobacco smoke, dust, mold and even pet dander from the room. This dual action makes it the perfect light for kitchen counters to remove cooking smells to a child’s room providing light and balancing moods through the healthy negative ions.
I am a night light freak, I will admit it. I find them completely awesome that they help us see in the dark. I don't know about you but I like to see my surroundings. I have one in every room in my home. LED night lights only cost pennies a year operate but they absolutely pay for themselves. You would be surprised what a night light can do for a bathroom. If you have kids like I do then you probably have a night light for them too. The fact that Purely Products has created a nightlight is awesome but to incorporate an air purifier too, no way. It's true as you can see for yourself, provides light and also cleans your air.
It's an LED night light, so it only costs pennies a year to operate, and the built-in ionizer cleans the air all day and night, whether or not the light is on. It's an automatic on/off light, and cool to the touch. It is super easy to use and I have actually noticed a difference. Honestly I am a sneezer, allergies get me bad. I put this night light in the heaviest trafficked area of my home where airborne nightmares are most likely to be flying around. It has greatly reduced my sneezing, I am still in shock. Allergies are the least of my worries compared to my daughter and husband. My daughters noes just loves to run while my husband suffers from sinus headaches. Since we have been using the Healthy Night Light both of them seem to be a lot less irritated. I just call it how I see it but you can be your own judge and try one or a few out for yourself. I have noticed a difference in the air my family is breathing, maybe you can too.
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