Pocket Purifier by Purely Products Review!

Unfortunately we live in a world where germs run free lurking everywhere we go. You can't see them but they are there, in fact they are everywhere. If you didn't already know this, it's true. Don't freak out, you can protect your self in many ways. Between washing your hands, covering your mouth when sneezing, sanitizer and many other forms of being cautious germs have less of a chance to survive. What if you could see them? Just cleaned a surface and ever wonder, "is that really clean?", "did I miss a spot?". I bet you have because if your a cleaner, you most certainly want whatever it was to be as clean as can be. Now you can find all the germs without needing to worry about seeing them. Yep, no more questioning you just know with the Pocket Purifier.
Clean, healthy living can be like running a germ gauntlet. Pocket Purifier™ puts a wall of defense in your hands with its handheld germicidal light. Lightweight and convenient, Pocket Purifier sanitizes surfaces and objects with the same UV-C light that hospitals use to sterilize surgical instruments. Perfect for mom’s to use on kid’s toys destroying germs collected at daycare, play dates and more. Ultraviolet light and nanotechnology eliminate 99.9% of germs that cause colds and flu, e-coli, salmonella, mold, fungus and MRSA (staph). Safe and non-toxic way to eliminate germs at home, on airplanes and in public areas--- where frequent exposure and contact to germs occurs. Pocket Purifier is the most environmentally responsible way to kill germs without chemicals --hands-down.

Get To Know The Pocket Purifier:

Can this unit be used on your hands? 
No. The Pocket Purifier is strictly for use on hard surfaces and objects and is not intended or safe to use on your skin or clothes.  Also, you should never expose your eyes to the UV-C light. 

How long will the bulb last? 
The bulb in the Pocket Purifier is equipped to last 9,000 hours. Because the UV-C light only needs to scan a hard surface or object for 15-30 seconds, you can expect this unit to have a very long shelf life.  However, if you need to replace the 4 Watt Germicidal Ultraviolet bulb, you can find replacements bulbs here.

How does the Pocket Purifier actually work?
The UV-C light penetrates the membranes of viruses, bacteria, mold, and dust mites—attacking their DNA—terminating them and their ability to spread. The UV-C light is strong enough to kill 99.9% of all germs and bacteria.  This is the same UV-C technology used in hospitals, food processing facilities, water treatment, and HVAC systems to eliminate biological contaminants and germs.

How do I know if it’s working? 
Most contaminants are microscopic, so you won’t be visibly able see the effects of the UV-C light on hard surfaces--as is the case when you spray household cleaners in your home.  However, because of the powerful strength of UV-C light, it can kill and destroy 99.9% of all organisms, germs and bacteria.  In many cases, consumers who regularly wash their hands and use Pocket Purifier to disinfect and sanitize their home have experienced less cold and flu-like symptoms.

How close to the surface does the Pocket Purifier need to be?
Simply hold the Pocket Purifier face down so the UV-C light is about one inch away from the desired surface, counter top, or computer keyboard.  Slowly scan the desired surface for approximately 15 to 30 seconds, and it will instantly sanitize and eliminate any germs or super bugs.

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