FREE H-E-Buddy Rockin' Summer Reading Club T-Shirt! (TX Only)

I love this program! I signed my daughter up the last few years for her free shirt! She really enjoys being part of the HEB Buddy club while sporting around her TShirt she earned from her reading. It's pretty cute and definitely encourages your child to read!! You also qualify even if you need to read the books to your child. Here is how to qualify in the H-E-Buddy 2012 Summer Reading Program: 
Simply have your child read or read them 10 books and mail the form to get your 
Free Reading Rocks with H-E-Buddy T-Shirt in 3-4 weeks. 
The form must be postmarked by October 1, 2014. 
Texas residents only.
*Printable is in .pdf format, available in English & Spanish*
After you or your child has read the 10 books and filled out the form,
mail the completed form to:
H•E•Buddy 2012 Summer Reading Program 
10530 Sentinel, 
San Antonio, TX 78217

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