You May Already Know The Love of Your Life!

Finding "The One", is what most people search for to have and to hold through sickness and health. It can be quite a tough road for many. Lets face it, most of us go through one failed relationship after the other and the heartache is so overwhelming that we settle or give up. For me I had one failed relationship after another and was so tired of being hurt and putting myself out there. It got old so fast that I threw in the towel, I was done dating. After my last failed relationship I was having no more to do with the dating scene and decided to focus on myself. That's right, I was so focused on finding "The One", but I was looking in all the wrong places. So I stopped looking and that's when he came along. The love of my life showed up out of nowhere. He was no stranger either. In fact I had already known him for years but never even thought of him that way. It's funny how lives cross paths all the time and you don't know it. If only we could recap and actually see like they do on the TV show "How I Met Your Mother". We would be surprised that love has been there all along but we just were not ready to see it. After the day "The One" walked back into my life, I could see it. Complete love and loyal devotion had finally arrived and I already knew him. The point to this story is, you may already know the love of your life, keep your eyes and heart open. When you least expect it "The One" could be right in front of you.