Protect Your Family and Friends From Geotagging! How To!

What is Geotagging?
First off it's pretty scary when you think about it.
Your photos can be tracked down to the very room they're taken in by some stranger. It's true, this isn't some conspiracy to freak you out, it really is happening.  They even get route by route directions to the location. But you can stop this from happening super easy. Just follow the steps below and share with your friends and family so they can protect their images too. You'll be able to post your pictures where ever and not be tracked in anyway!! The way it should have been all along.

iPhone/ iPad Users:
Follow these steps to ensure your protected.
1. Go to your settings
2. Go to your General
3.Go to your Restrictions
4. Under privacy: Go to Location Services
5. Next to Camera slide to "OFF" position
**Now You and Your Family are Protected from Geotagging**

Android Users:
1. Open the Camera App
2. Tap "Menu", "Options", or "Settings" and locate "Location" or "GPS"
3. Turn "OFF" the GPS or geotagging
4. Save your changes
**Now You and Your Family are Protected from Geotagging**



  1. Thanks I really needed this. The news made it sound like you needed to be a computer wiz to protect your kids. I shared this with everyone!!


  2. Thank you, I've shared and really appreciate the easy step by step instructions.

  3. Thanks for posting these instructions! I just learned about geotagging and photos and will be turning it off.

  4. Thanks for posting. I just wish the android turn off was just for pictures and not for everything ... or at least that is how it seems

  5. thankfully i have always had this turned off in my phone so i dont have to worry about my photos being located by others.

  6. I knew about geotagging and thought I was familiar but I never thought about it for my teen. Thank you!!


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