10 DIY Spooky Halloween Decor Ideas!

Oh how I love to decorate for Halloween!
There are so many things out there you can do yourself.
Really, you can make them with your family too.
Below I have compiled 10 DIY ways to spook out your decor!

1. Spooky Mini Pumpkin with Teeth-
Easy to make with just 3 accent items.
2. Blood Drip Candles -
Make your candles bleed with Step by step instructions.
3. Floating Ghost -
 Give life to a ghost in your home or outdoors.
4. Creepy Crawly Lantern -
Accent your lights with spiders and more.
5. Potions & Spell Books -
Take your old books and give them a scary makeover.
6. Rats on the Stairs -
Make your guests second guess their steps.
7. Un-Dead Pumpkins -
Super easy to make. Cute in a creepy way.
8. Apothecary Bottles -
Make your own eery ingredients.
9. Vinal Window Decals -
Spook out your windows with tutorial.
10. My House Landed on The Wicked Witch -
You gotta see this one.