Free AppCrayon "Learn To Write Your Letters" App on iTunes!

This is a pretty fun Free app that helps the user learn to write correctly.
It has none of those annoying ads either.
Your child can use their finger or a regular stylus to write!
App Details:
Learn to write your letters with the AppCrayon letter writing system! 
The AppCrayon App uses a system developed and approved by Kindergarten 
teachers and pediatricians to help students learn to write their letters properly. 
This app is the perfect tool for Kindergarten preparation and supplementation 
as users must write the letter correctly or the arrow won’t move forward 
and the letter won’t be completed. 
Students, parents, and teachers can easily see which letters have been completed, 
and can move easily from letter to letter with a simple tap.
Additionally, comedian Steven Kramer Glickman, humorously teaches the sound
and use of each letter with the tap of a button throughout the game.
There are three levels of difficulty so the child may attain precision slowly
and with a greater sense of accomplishment.
Once the child has completed all uppercase and lowercase letters,
they’ll see a visual stamp of completion, along with an audio congratulations!