MySurvey Accepting New Survey Takers! Earn $5 for Quick Survey!

MySurvey Accepting New Survey Takers!
 Earn $5 for Quick Survey!
There are some openings for MySurvey,
 which is another great survey company which will earn you cash! 
They pay as much as $10 per survey and what’s really awesome
 is you can cash out with just $10 in your account! 
Also, as you can see above people are getting $5 cash
in the mail to fill out a quick survey!  
Here’s how to start earning:  
Sign up for MySurvey here Confirm your email  
(this is important, you won’t start receiving surveys until you do this) 
Start doing surveys and earn money! 
Their surveys are usually about household products and sure they are good at targeting things to you, unlike other sites where it seems I take a prep survey before the actual survey… but with MySurvey it’s not like that. They are a really good survey site and have been around for a while now and are well trusted. They are definitely worth checking out. I have qualified for numerous product tests through MySurvey. You can save your points for merchandise or request a check in increments of $10 
(1000 points is equal to $10). I have cashed out for both merchandise and checks. Merchandise takes longer to receive. Every check I have ever requested has been received within 3 weeks of cashing out. Points add up fairly quickly.