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Free Crestliner Trumped Fishing Ruler!

Simply fill out the form to get your Free Ruler!

Free Nivea USA Product Extended Moisture or Touch of Renewal Giveaway for 10 Days! (Different Giveaway)

Free Nivea USA Product Giveaway 
For 10 Days!
Free NIVEA Extended Moisture OR NIVEA Touch of Renewal!
 For the next 10 days Nivea USA will be giving away 200 free products each day! 
Each day they will announce a new time for the giveaway to go live, 
you’ll just need to be one of the first 200 and you’ll get a freebie! 
**This is NOT the same as the Nivea for Men USA giveaway that ends today, 
this is a new giveaway!**
**LIVE TODAY between 2pm - 3pm CT***

Free Sample of HUGO Just Different Fragrance for Men!

Free Sample of HUGO Just Different Fragrance for Men!
Just click "order sample", enter your information, and
select "Just Different" to the right of the page, submit!

Try Touch of Gray for FREE! (after Rebate)

Try Touch of Gray for FREE! 
(after Rebate)
Offer valid until 12/31/12

HURRY! Get a FREE Axe Anarchy Body First 50,000 people each week!!!

Head on over to their facebook page NOW!

Here are the Answers:
  • What AXE® product makes Angels fall ? Excite
  • What guy and girl team reps the AXE® brand on our Facebook page? Dan & Lauren
  • Which of the following is NOT a shower gel? Snake Bite
  • In the official AXE® TV commercial, what sport is one guy playing when Premature Perspiration strikes? Bowling
  • Which AXE® product features a backwards “S”? Twist
  • Which AXE® shower gel is made with Himalayan minerals and helps stimulate your mind and body? Rise
  • What is the AXE® Twitter handle? @Axe
  • Which AXE® Shower Gel rises from the ashes? Phoenix
  • Where does the guy in the Fixers video wake up? Lawn
  • About how many Facebook Fans does AXE® have? About 2 Million
  • Which AXE® variant is now retired? Voodoo
  • What is the girl in the record store eating in the Premature Perspiration video? Popsicle
  • What city do Dan and Lauren with AXE® live in? NYC
  • In the world of AXE®, what causes “Mutual Satisfaction”? Hold + Touch
  • What is the AXE® mannequin’s name? Quinn
  • In the first “Better On Your Pits” video, what does DWA try to use his deodorant as? A highlighter
  • Can Premature Perspiration be controlled? Yes