Quick and Easy Yeast Bread Recipe!

If you could make your own bread in less than two hours for less than a dollar a loaf would you? I prefer my bread to be both fresh and soft but that wan't always what I ended up paying for. With a simple quick and easy recipe (no bread machine needed) you can avoid not so fresh bread, expensive prices and unwanted ingredients. Plus you get healthy fresh bread, bakery filled home and more money back in your pocket. With a little time and a few ingredients you will be enjoying your own homemade bakery fresh bread from your very own oven.

* Mixing Bowl
* Mixing Spoon
*Measuring Spoons
* Towel/Cloth
*Butter Brush (optional)

* 2 1/2 Cups All-Purpose Flour
* 1 Tablespoon (One Packet) Active Dry Yeast
* 1 Teaspoon Sugar
*1 Cup Warm Water
*2 Tablespoons Cooking Oil
* 1 Tablespoon Butter

YIELDS 1 LOAF - 1 HOUR 40 MINUTES (Includes Prep, Rise and Bake)

1. Pour 2 cups of the flour and all the yeast, salt and sugar into a large nixing bowl. Pour in all the measured warm water and cooking oil into the bowl and begin to mix. As you mix, slowly pour in the remainder of the flour until the dough is no longer sticky.

2. On a lightly flour dusted surface, knead the dough for around 5 minutes allowing it to get smooth and formed. Once done kneading out the dough back into your mixing bowl.

3.  Cover your mixing bowl with a damp cloth and set to the side for 45 minutes. This allows your dough to rise double its size.

4. Remove your dough from the mixing bowl now that it has risen. Then shape your dough to look like a loaf that will fit your bread pan. (Optional: Slicing diagonal slits with your knife on the top of the dough will give it added texture and design.)

5. Bake your dough in your bread pan at 400F for 40 Minutes.

5. Once out of the oven, allow to cool a few minutes and lightly brush the 1 Tablespoon of butter over the top of the loaf. Let the butter melt into the loaf and serve. Continue to allow to cool before storing.

Now you can make your own homemade quick and easy yeast bread! Enjoy!

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