Saying Goodbye To Cable Bills For Good!

Entertainment can be a never ending battle for satisfaction. At our home we would surf hundreds of channels only to find there was in fact nothing on. Having the sports package was the biggest feature of having cable in the first place and the occasional good movie or series. Honestly with our busy lives and streaming devices we really didn't have time for television but made time for it so it wouldn't go to waste. 

One day we decided to Amazon Fire Stick, simply not wanting to upgrade our (bought right before Smart TV's came out, big screen) television. With my family already addicted to YouTube for it's wide array of videos, the app feature on the Fire Stick is a quite easy connect and we are viewing. Don't get me started on the endless library of shows on the featured Netflix app, plus so many more. Free apps with many free shows that are constantly updating, you most likely could watch your entire life and not yet see all the shows these apps have to offer (that's just the free ones). Once the Amazon Fire Stick was in place deciding what to do about the cable. Not being in a contract helped the decision quite quickly, along with the limited choices and pricing in my area. So we said bye to cable and went Antenna TV and Fire Stick. Best decision for not only eliminating cable but at the same time we save hundreds of dollars monthly and will thousands yearly. With those kind of savings my husband can go to those sports games in person,  we can buy new releases without the guilt and put back a nice amount of cash back in our bank monthly that would have otherwise belong to the cable company. I say "never again"! 

- If you have been asking yourself if you should, you need to do it.
- Make sure you have a USB compatible television currently or Smart TV (wifi is a needed service for either to work) and an antenna (rabbit ears, flat, slim)
- If you have a Smart TV the Firestick is obsolete
- Download the TV Guide App to know whats currently on your channels (if you do not have a built in smart guide)
- Be ready for the cable company to try their hardest to convince you to stay (ground breaking deals galore), just say "No".
-Whether it's in your budget or not, if your not enjoying cable it's probably time you parted ways and join the world of streaming, antenna television or no more television all together.
It has been almost a year now since we said goodbye to cable and we don't miss it at all. I find myself loving the antenna television channels way more than the paid channels ever thought. Our family tends to leave the television off more now and focus on other productive activities. We have already saved well over a thousand dollars of what would have gone to the cable company. (Which paid to replace our out-of-date television with a Smart 4K HDTV big screen) I will tell you this, there is something about the joy of watching completely free television that only saying goodbye cable can provide and that my friends is satisfaction!

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