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Lancôme products have stood the test of time revealing new and exciting products ever since their beginning. From makeup to skincare, they have crafted a beauty line that has had women across the world absolutely raving about their many products overall bang for your buck!

Influenster has teamed up with Lancôme to bring new light to some of the many super hot for summer products and those you can benefit from all year long. Influenster provided this beauty skincare VoxBox with three products to test and review to select Influenster members with a 28 day skincare regiment to ensure the results of products like the Visionaire Cresendo.

The Lancôme Visionaire Crescendo is inspired by fitness interval training, Visionnaire Crescendo combines two different formulas each with their own unique ingredient combination to be used over a 28-night period as part of an interval skin training experience. Start with Phase 1 for the first 14 nights, formulated with 5% bio-acids such as fruit acids and quinoa husk extract that works to reduce the appearance of pores, improve skin's texture, and radiance. Then, switch to Phase 2 for the last 14 nights. Formulated with 10% derma-acids, including 0.5% salicylic acid and 9.5% pure glycolic acid, this phase reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. Repeat the 28-night skin interval training experience as desired.  After 1 night of using Phase 1: Skin feels smoother and is more radiant After 3 nights of using Phase 1: Skin tone appears more even and fine lines are visibly reduced After 14 nights of Phase 1: Pores appear reduced After 28 nights of Phase 2: Wrinkles and dark spots are visibly reduced  Visionnaire Crescend leaves skin feeling smooth and appearing more even, which is ideal for seamless makeup application. This easy to use, leave-on liquid nighttime face peel works to gently exfoliate skin surface cells and address multiple skin concerns: uneven skin texture, appearance of pores, wrinkles and fine lines, and dark spots. Around my eyes are my trouble areas, with every day that goes by another wrinkle either appears or is magnified. Getting a airbrush effect from my makeup seems more and more of a distant dream, after all I am not getting any younger. Who says that my skin has to dramatically change over the years, not me. With the harsh products that hit our skin to the daily damage from the elements, our skin can really take a beating. A little pampering can go a long way with this product. Recommended to use sparingly around your trouble areas, results do take time. Over a month of use I noticed fainter lines between my eyes and my skin does feel rejuvenated. The smell of the product is so fresh and easy to apply with a beauty routine planned. To see results you must stick to it. Many products claim to reduce lines, texture and more only to leave you broke and your skin seemingly worse than before. My eye area looks years younger with just a month of use and there is plenty more of this product to go around. To get awesome results you must stick to the regiment but the results are worth it.

The Lancôme Bienfait UV SPF 50+ is perfect for that all over coverage without that heavy tacky feeling on your skin. This light-weight, oil-free broad spectrum sunscreen is fast-absorbing and a perfect choice to wear every day over your Lancôme moisturizer, under makeup or alone. Being available to use on all skin types, even sensitive skin, makes this product a best seller. Completely oil-free and dermatologist-tested for safety. It is even recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. This product hands down protects your skin beautifully. In Texas, the sun finds you easy here and likes to burn you even on a cloudy day. Being protected from the harsh sun is a must have in my household. From my husband, my daughter and myself I prefer one product that the entire family can use regardless of our skin types. Light and smooth on your skin without any filmy residue left behind. Blocking the sun while benefiting your skin in many ways. I am greatly pleased with this product. Our family has a very sensitive skin and honestly if this product can make it through each member of our family without any irritation it is a keeper. Standing the test to comparable products like Neutrogenas SPF 50+ which we typically use. With the overall coverage protection and amazing smell it goes a lot further than most. At a reasonable price with size to match, highly recommended from my family to yours.

The Lancôme Matte Shake Lipstick compared to the traditional stick is a new favorite of mine. Finally, a matte liquid lipstick that wears comfortably without drying out your lips! A water-in-oil emulsion that's formulated with a patented Ultra Thin Film technology to deliver weightless texture and a second-skin feel without sacrificing intense color payoff. And it has Vitamin E for comfortable, non-drying wear. Its unique cushion sponge allows for maximum absorption of the formula to deliver a precise, soft application onto the lips, and buildable color that dries without smudging or transfer. A highly pigmented matte liquid lipstick, delivering intense color payoff with a lightweight, second-skin feel that wears comfortably throughout the day without drying. Its pillow-like cushion applicator allows for precise application- no streaks or smudges. Available in 7 vibrant hues How to use: Just shake to soak the applicator with formula, apply the cushion directly onto lips to build the saturated color; then wait for it to dry down to a lightweight, comfort matte finish. I am sucker for getting lipstick on my teeth and practically everything, like clothes and more. When shopping for lipstick I want long lasting and durable color. The matte finish is right up my ally with the subtle natural effect it leaves, regardless of color. The lasting pigmentation stays with use of everyday items such as food and straws. My favorite feature about this product would have to be the fact that a little goes a long way. Without the excess color layers there was no what is known as bleeding of color onto my teeth nor and smudging. This is a highly recommended product and I cannot wait to try out the other colors they have to offer!
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