FREE Lighthouse by the Sea Changing Weather Scene Sleep iOS App! {Save $1.99}

If you like lighthouses, the sea and changing weather then 'Lighthouse by the Sea' is for you! This app is a fun and relaxing way to immerse yourself in a beautiful, customisable, ever-changing scene, set by the sea. At the heart of the scene is a lighthouse which you can customise to suit your mood. Children and adults will enjoy playing with the different settings. You can make it rain or snow, watch a spectacular lightning storm, add fog or just listen to the calming sound of the waves breaking the shoreline while sea gulls glide overhead — all from the comfort of your bed or sofa. With Lighthouse by the Sea the sights and sounds of the sea are never more than a tap away! Thanks to its timer setting you can use it as a nightlight to fall asleep to or just listen to some calming 'white noise' in the form of the sounds of rain, waves or thunderstorm. 
Features include: 
- 2 different lighthouses to choose from:
- the original Lighthouse by the Sea
- Poolbeg lighthouse, Dublin, Ireland
- 2 additional lighthouses availabe as in-app purchase
- Créac'h lighthouse, Finistère, Brittany, France
- Souter lighthouse, Tyne and Wear, England
- lots of different weather options to chose from including:
- clear
- cloudy
- rain
- lightning storm
- snow
- fog
- all original artwork, especially designed for iPad and iPhone Retina displays 
- the soundtrack of nature (rain, thunder, waves, seagulls, wind) changes with the scenes
- daytime or night settings
- cloudy or clear settings
- during the clear night sky you can set the phase of the moon, including a lunar eclipse
- shooting stars option
- floating things setting (dandelions and cherry blossoms)
- sleep timer so you can use it as nightlight 
— your device will to sleep by itself after the time you've set
- sound/mute option

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