MercyMe "It's Christmas" CD Review!

Christmas music lours me right in every year. From the classic to the new wave music my ears are filled with the sounds of the season. They can bring you happiness, laughter, a warm feeling inside, make you think and many other things. Each song with its own effect on a person. For me I am filled with joy and love for my family and friends. Listening to music while in the car, or while baking, or decorating or playing games. We just love music in our family!

Track List:
1. Newborn
2. Christmastime Again
3. Sleigh Ride
4. I’ll Be Home For Christmas
5. Hold On Christmas
6. A Holly Jolly Christmas
7. Go Tell It On The Mountain
8. Do You Hear What I Hear
9. Our Lullaby
10. Joy
11. O Come, O Come 
12. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Exclusive Bonus Track for Pizza Ranch)
13. O Holy Night (Exclusive Bonus Track for Pizza Ranch)
14. Silent Night (Exclusive Bonus Track for Pizza Ranch)
15. Joseph’s Lullaby (Exclusive Bonus Track for Pizza Ranch) 

This exclusive promotion is a product of the hit christian band MercyMe and delicious Pizza Ranch put there heads together.
I like a wide variety of Christmas music during the holidays so I don't get worn out on the same song. The fresh upbeat theme with MercyMe's "It's Christmas" has me uplifted. Their renditions of traditional Christmas classics are simply beautiful. With this CD you get additional bonus tracks that you will only find available at Pizza Ranch locations and of course you can win it here too! (see below) Decorating the Christmas tree, driving around seeing Christmas lights, we do so many activities during Christmas time that music is so badly needed. Honestly I really do just like to jam out, I am a music lover. If I had to narrow it down to one song on this CD that stood out above the rest it would have to be "Silent Night". My favorite Christmas classic sung beautifully by MercyMe.
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About Pizza Ranch:
Cultivating its mission “To give every guest a legendary experience” since its inception in 1981, Pizza Ranch connects with its communities in a way that provides bridges for friends, family and colleagues to come together. Today, Pizza Ranch is based in Orange City, Iowa and owns, operates and franchises over 190 locations in 13 states. Consistent growth has been a Pizza Ranch staple, as the brand has become a beacon of community involvement and exceptional food. The Pizza Ranch buffet features legendary pizzas, salads and desserts, and is delivered with an unmatched service quality.  “We are extremely blessed to have a very close connection with our guests,” said Adrie Groeneweg, co-founder and president of Pizza Ranch. “This project extends the brand’s essence to a new dimension beyond our four walls and into their lives. It’s a new kind of way for us to relate to our loyal fans.” 
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