Garage Parking Aid Block Review!

Parking in a home garage can be exceptionally tricky – space is tight and typically lined with valuables. If there’s a teen driver, a senior, or an overworked parent at home, an accident may be a matter of time. Keep your garage clean and well lit, and simplify the parking process with a garage parking aid.

* 22" long x 6" wide x 4" tall; approximately 10 lbs. each
* Made from 100 percent recycled rubber tires.
Embedded reflective stripes
* Installs without mounting hardware
* Has mounting holes on top (if needed, not required)
Parking in my garage took some practice over the years and even until I came across the Gargage Parking Aid I was in trouble. I haven't driven my car into our house thankfully but I have closed the garage door on the trunk of my car. Just a few scratches I could have avoided if I would have had one of these awesome things in my garage from the beginning. I simply either left barely any room for my husband to park or partially sticking out of the garage. The Garage Parking Aid is amazing and completely solved my problem. When I pull in the garage I look to line my tire up with the block and if my headlights aren't already on, when I get close enough my sensor sees the block and my headlights come on. Instantly I hit the block and know I am just where I need to be. They are great to have in the garage, at businesses, private events and are even mountable to the ground with holes at the top (hardware not included). There was no need for mounting in my garage though, it stays secure and I can move it when I need to. I know others with the tennis ball hanging from the ceiling and the stop sign, honestly I feel this beats them both hands down. I simply love it and highly recommend it to everyone with a vehicle.
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