H2O-GO Triple Slider by Bestway Review!

When it's hot outside all you can think about is nice, cool, relaxing fun in the water. When a kiddie pool or rather any pool just isn't enough or too far away, H2O-GO has put the FUN back in water time! I am not talking about a sprinkler or a simple water tarp, I am talking BIG FUN! Fun for most all ages! If you can run or even just lay down H2O-GO has got a cooling off out of the heat solution that's beyond what your used to. Whether your looking to both cool off and wear down the kiddos or simply lay out in the sun in the most cooling way, think Triple Slide.

H2O-GO with the SPEED RAMP provides a soft landing and glides you onto the slide for the smoothest, wettest, fastest ride! Triples your fun!

1 Triple Water Slide
2 Hose Nozzle Connectors
1 Repair Patch.
1. Clear set-up area of any debris.
2. Fill the Speed Ramp™ with water to anchor and inflate.
3. Connect your garden hose and GO!

As you can see in my video above this wonderful slide is big, wet and made for loads of fun! There is also more than one way to use this awesome invention. It is made to hook up easily and then you run and slide. The speed ramp provides a slope that angles your body down the slide into a pool at the end. No more going into grass and hurting yourself. Just simply more wetness! It's super fun when set up correctly. As long as you follow the easy to use directions and make sure there are no debris underneath, it's smooth sailing! The added waterfall down the sides keep the slide nice and covered with water making it really easy to slide with ease.
Another great way to use this awesome slide without the kids is to lay out. That's right I said it. Adults you and your friends can simply lie down on the blue or orange slide and use the ramp as a head rest. This allows you to both enjoy the sun rays and be cooled off by the flowing water on the sides. How cool is that? Way awesome if I do say so myself. So whether your looking to spice up the fun outdoor activities for the kids or simply pamper yourself and friends, everyone wins!
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Bestway's highest priority is ensuring product quality and safety, with particular attention to leading-edge technology and superb craftsmanship in the design, development and manufacturing of all Bestway-branded products. Bestway's various departments work together to ensure 100% satisfaction and hold each other accountable for quality control and solutions. Bestway does not outsource any of its core functions, and uses a Vertically Integrated Manufacturing System. Bestway prioritizes customer service and feedback, and established Bestway Customer Service Centers in all major continents to support all Bestway-branded products that are sold around the world. Bestway is in strict accordance to the various safety requirement, environmental requirement and industry technical standards and regulations.
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