FREE iABACards {Special Needs} Flash Card App! Normally $19.99!

iABACards is a native iPad application that replaces and improves the typical index cards and picture cards used in DTT therapy. It arrives preloaded with > 2700 cards and > 900 high quality images. Trial data is recorded in real time at the touch of a button. Cards can be marked as acquired and mastered automatically based on criteria you select. You can add new cards, new skills, and new images (from the web or camera) to personalize the program for your child. Progress can be monitored with customizable graphs built into the program.
iABACards can save time—no more writing out cards, sorting cards, searching through images, recording trial data, or checking to see if a card is mastered. In addition this program records ABC type behavior data in real time with quick fill lists, records reinforcement given, gives feedback on reinforcement schedules, uses custom colors for cards, records different prompt levels, and shows a daily report that can be emailed with all the events of that day.
*Price is subject to change at any time.

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