Gold Pigeon Magnetic Snap Lock Closure Kids {Fuchsia} Water Sandals Review!

Protecting your children from themselves is one of the many duties of being a parent. Having water fun is so exciting and kids can be less than careful while playing. That's where we parents come in to save them from what can harm them. Slather on the sunblock, pile on the sunglasses and hats but don't forget their water sandals. These wonderful shoes can keep your child from slipping and sliding around and keeps them from potentially having a minor or major accident. Crisis avoided with a pair of sandals!

These sandals are so easy to put on with the magnetic closure that goes over the top of the foot. You can adjust the velcro straps at the toes and the back of the ankle. This gives your child a snug and comfortable fit that surrounds their feet. Made to get wet!!
*Easy & Secure Magnetic Snap Lock Closure
*Fully Adjustable Padded Straps for Perfect Fit and Comfort
*Convertible Heel Strap for Wearing 2 Ways
*Shock Absorbing Mid Sole for Cushioning and Flexibility
*Slip Resistant Out Sole Wet or Dry
*Water Prove with Quick Dry Lining
Right away my daughter fell in love with these sandals. From the looks factor these sandals are right up her ally. They are my daughters favorite shoes period. She has many shoes but these are fun, versitile and she can easily put them on herself. My daughter calls them her "Super Shoes" because they can be used in and out of water. Honestly I am pretty sure she feels like she is a Super Hero in these shoes, there is just something about them. This mom absolutely love them. My daughters Autism effects all aspects of her life. In this case her feet are very sensitive to what type shoes she will actually keep on. No issues at all with these sandals. Actually upon receiving them she immediately took off with them right out of the box. She has been all over showing her family her "Super Shoes". They work wonderfully. She can play in the water and run on the grass and concrete without slipping. She has an issue with slowing down while running but most kids do. So while she plays I feel rest assured that she is in the right shoes to keep her out of harms way. I highly recommend the line of Gold Pigeon shoes and sandals. They are by far the best water shoes that has been on my daughters feet to date. Better be safe than sorry, these shoes are much cheaper than a hospital trip. Available in sizes through adult so I will always have a safe pair of water sandals for the entire family.
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