Michael Todd Eye Eraser Anti-Aging Infusion Duo Review! {Available at ULTA Stores}

With age comes wisdom and wrinkles. Making smarter choices, we welcome with open arms. Wrinkles however most of us hide from. This can bring on drastic measures that can not only harm your aging skin but make it look even more aged. Let's face the truth, everyone has wrinkles and skin that ages, there is no fighting it. That's where nourishing our fine lines, wrinkles and even dark spots can reduce their appearance.

Introducing the newest bundle to exclusively hit ULTA Beauty Stores nationwide. Presenting the Michael Todd Eye Eraser DUO. 
Only at ULTA! Michael Todd's Eye Eraser Anti-Aging Infusion Duo features 3-in-1 sonic, ionic and thermal delivery technology with smart massage to turn on/off automatically. *Ionic Bonding creates a negative flow of electrons to deliver active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. Increased product performance for healthier more radiant looking skin.

*Thermal Warming gradually warms to 42 C to stimulate pores and allow deeper product absorption. Stimulates circulation and brings nutrient rich blood flow for regeneration purposes. *Sonic Micro Massage 150 + sonic movements per second. Allows for more evenly distributed product. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to rebuild intracellular structure. Intensive Cream Eye Treatment Features: Clinically proven powerful ingredients. Haloxyl 72% improvement in dark under eye circles after 8 weeks. Eyeliss 70% reduction in under eye bags after 8 weeks. Matrixyl 3000 a 45% reduction in the appearance of fine lines after 8 weeks.

In my early thirties the fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles are showing more and more as the years go by. Not wanting to go drastic with harmful products I really wanted to see how the Michael Todd Eye Eraser DUO would benefit my inevitable aging. After using this DUO for several weeks I have noticed quite a change. This tool and cream is mainly used on my forehead and under my eyes. The best way I can describe the result to my forehead wrinkles is an airbrush effect. With each use my wrinkles seem to blur out of noticeable sight. I still of course know my wrinkle are there but their appearance is gradually fading. The most noticeable results that I find have been absolutely amazing is under my eyes. Dark circles lurk from lack of sleep or over excursion constantly in my world. The infusing cream has somewhat rejuvenated the coloration under my eyes. What was once dark and noticeable is now easily covered with light makeup. No heavy caking anymore that would create tons of wrinkles I didn't even know existed. Overall I am very pleased with my results so far and cannot wait to see what the prolonged use will provide. Together this DUO is highly recommended to treat your fine lines, wrinkles and pesky dark circles. It's simple, consistently follow through with your regular beauty routine while using this tool and you'll be on your way to better looking skin.

Bundle Includes:
*Eye Eraser Anti-Aging Infusion Duo Includes:
*Eye Eraser
    *Intensive Eye Cream Treatment (0.5 oz.)
A $137 Value! 
This Exclusive Bundle is Only available at 
ULTA Beauty Stores Nationwide and Online.
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