Ultimate Crochet Kit - Crochet Hook Set with Case Review!

Crocheting provides a wide variety of handmade items for everyone. You can make a seemingly simple coaster all the way up to a breath taking outfit. Honestly the possibilities are endless with crocheting. My grandmother crocheted, her grandmother crocheted and so do I. No matter the times it never goes out of style. One day I would love to be as experienced as they were but I am getting closer. In order to become the best I can be I need the right tools.

This all-in-one kit would make a perfect gift for anyone who is learning to crochet, a beginner just starting out, or a seasoned crocheter on the go. This crochet kit makes an ideal gift for any craft lover; we wouldn't blame you if you kept it for yourself! Store your crochet hooks in this custom designed premium fabric case. The magnetic closure holds the case securely in place and prevents the crochet needles from falling out. The TenderHeart crochet case holds 12 hooks of various sizes in the slots and has a flap to protect the hooks from falling out or catching on anything. The tri-fold case is great for travel and crochet on the go.
Chevron pattern anything is my style. I have accessories, decor, clothing and so much more with this design. You could say I was drawn in by the beautiful package this kit is so beautifully displayed in. With a button magnetic closure the tri-fold easily closes and stays secure with each use. Each needle is separated by heavy duty stitching and evenly spaced. To prevent hooking yourself or anything your not intending to, it even has a hood for the needle tips. This keep all the needles protected and from falling out when on the move. The light weight compact design makes this kit ideal for small spaces. You can take on the go with ease and so much style too.
What can make crocheting even harder is not having the tools you need. Not having the right needle can delay the simplest of projects and detour you from continuing. That's why I simply adore this neat compact kit. It has everything I need all in one convenient place. Before I had a beauty bag or cup organizing my crochet needles. They all looked alike too. I always had to pull each one out and look at the gage. That takes extra time away from me and can get pretty annoying. That's why I love that each needle is a different color. I have memorized what gage goes to what color and I no longer have to waste precious time.
I have been hooked on making scarfs for quite some time. They are one of my many addictions and surprisingly easy to make. One of the most pleasing results of crocheting is when you see what you have created. Something made with your own two hands that you, family, friends or a customer can love and enjoy. It is truly an experience all it's own. This kit is wonderful for anyone learning to crochet or looking for a complete kit that is gorgeously functional!
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