The Art of Beverage Wine Arc Balancing Bottle Holder Review!

The idea of the balancing wine bottle holders is to hold your wine bottle as though it is floating in mid-air. All this is possible by utilizing the center of gravity of the wine bottle itself. These Wine Arc Balancing Bottle Holders are big favorites because of their unique crescent shapes and beautiful colors. All of their defying gravity wine stands balance your wine bottles in mid-air. Because of their curved shapes and wider bottoms, though, they have more support with their bases. Thus, if flexibility is an important factor for you, these might be the right wine holders since you can easily adjust the angle of your bottles. You can either arrange your bottle so that it is perfectly parallel to the flat surface the bottle holder is placed, or push the bottle neck further into the hole and get the bottle bottom higher in the air. Either way, the effect is just beautiful and amazing to look at.

This wine arc is unlike anything I have ever seen. At first I was thinking.. What have I got myself into, there are instructions. Surprisingly a child could easily accomplish the task of balancing perfection. With a bottle like the one shown below, full of juice of course. It literally took me seconds to balance my bottle of sparkling white grape juice. I will admit I was on guard the entire time, just waiting for it to topple over. That wasn't the case at all. In fact, not only does it stay in position but I can adjust the bottles angle too. Both modern and highly functional it is quite a unique piece to display both your alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with extreme style. No one makes these beautiful balancing wine bottle holder, that's what makes The Art of Beverage so special.
A balancing wine bottle holder is probably not an unfamiliar concept. The way the wine bottle is supported in mid-air seems very mystical. They took that idea and made it explode with awesome. Since their wine bottle holders are all made of Lacquer Wood they are made to last. They work with the best lacquer artists to give you truly high quality products. They have sleek, clean lines and are available in beautiful colors with glossy and smooth surface. Each can hold a single standard wine bottle. It is very stable and the effect is just amazing. A must have for any one who has a beverage bottle in their home, it is sure to turn heads. Enjoy your Wine Arc Bottle Holders, exclusively available at The Art of Beverage!
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