Fete Home Adjustable Wine Aerator Review!

 Wine is made up of hundreds of compounds, and with aeration, usually the volatile undesirable compounds will evaporate faster than the desirable, aromatic and flavorful ones. Wine, particularly red, often benefits from aeration to allow the fruit to shine through and the flavors to mellow out. This is traditionally done through decanting in an open container, however with our busy lives an aerator can allow for this on a glass by glass basis.
Most Versatile Wine Aerator Available!
   - 7 Selectable Aeration Level Settings
   - Matures young wines instantly
   - Allows for Immediate, On Demand Decanting for Enhanced Flavor.
   - Breaks down harsh young tannins for a smoother more enjoyable flavor
   - Triggers evaporation of compounds, such as sulfates, that inhibit oxidation and do not add to taste
   - Integrated Aeration Intake Removes the Need for External Tubes
   - Built In Acrylic Strainer Filters Out Sediment
   - High Quality Stainless Steel Selection Band
   - Bonus Drip Stand And Travel Pouch Included
   - Easy to Clean 
- Just Rinse And Let Air Dry
A winemaker uses an airtight seal in order to keep the wine in its intended state. Over time, the tannins break down developing a smoother more drinkable wine, which is the main reason older wines are more expensive and become prize possessions for collectors. Aerating replicates this ageing process, allowing for a smoother more delicious wine in only a few seconds. This process can take months, years and decades to acquire the old fashioned way. The Fete Home Aerator comes with a stand you can display your beautiful aerator on. It even comes with a soft carrying bag for those times when you travel or for safe storage. It is extremely easy to use and all you do is adjust the setting to the amount of air you prefer in your wine. The wine pours rather quickly through the aerator so you won't be getting yourself into a long drawn out mess. The clear acrylic provides a peek show for your wine to process visibly. The wine is very cool going through the twist and turns before it makes it's way to my glass. It is a spectacular piece that is a must have for any wine enthusiast. Put a new twist on your existing wine with this awesome aerator by Fete Home.
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