Carlton Kitchen Bottle Stoppers Review!

The Carlton Kitchen company's silicone Wine Bottle Stoppers are the perfect solution to your beverage storage problems. These are simple, easy to use, durable, ECO-friendly and fun tools to have around. They aren't going to take up valuable kitchen space and are always there when you need them. Whether you are operating a tasting room and have several partial bottles that need stored, or you're a amateur wine aficionado who enjoys some of wine's health benefits one glass at a time, these are a perfect solution!

• Vibrant colors add splash to your kitchen
• Air-tight seal keeps wine FRESH
• Easy to use and insert, no forcing the cork back into the bottle
• Super easy to clean and reuse, no scrounging around for a cap
• Leak-proof design helps save space in the fridge
• Works on TONS of bottles
• Use for olive oil, balsamic vinegar, soda, whatever!
• Great Gift Idea!

*Plus You Get Their Wine & Food Guide, absolutely free!!
I will admit I am a sucker for a fancy or adorable bottle stopper. That can get me into quite a bit of trouble. The metal ones tend to get stuck in the bottle and are pretty hard to get out. My upper body strength cannot handle the suction within the bottle resisting the release of the topper. What a headache, all I wanted to do is keep the contents of the bottle fresh. What makes the Carlton Kitchen Bottle Stoppers so great is that they are durable but bendable. This provides the vacuum seal you need but allows you to maneuver the topper right out of the bottle. Available in multiple colors to accent your decor, setting or just your overall style. Honestly I cannot wait to see what else Carlton Kitchen comes up with. These toppers are for sure a must have for any wine lover or cork bottle user. Trust me, you will be glad you did!
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