Bellemain 2-Pocket Chef's Apron, Black/White Pinst Review!

Wearing an apron is a must most of the time when I cook. My choices of food and technique can bring a huge mess and it can get all over me. This usually happens when I am cooking with some ingredient that ends up ruining my outfit. That makes me mad! So to prevent this from happening I wear an apron. Not just any aprons will work though, I prefer to be picky. I really love the overall look of the Bellemain Chef Apron, it drew me in right away.

The material is thick enough to withstand a heavy direct spill without seeping through to your clothing. The pockets are deep enough to fit the longest of items like barbecuing tongs. The pinstripe is very elegant and at the same time masculine. Both my husband and I can enjoy this apron without either one of us feeling silly. He uses it to BBQ with the convenient pockets he has everything he need right at hand. I use it for all the rest of the cooking and couldn't be happier. It covers more than any other apron but still gives the feminine touch. This apron is a win win at our house.

Whatever your size, gender or cooking environment, the Bellemain Chef's apron gives you the performance, protection and polished good looks you've been looking for. It's also got you covered for gardening, crafting, housework and other messy tasks.

2 Extra-Large Pockets
Capacious front pockets give you plenty of room to stash cooking tools, tasting spoons, towels, potholders, a notebook and pencil ... just about anything you need or want to keep at your fingertips as you move about the kitchen.
Extra-Long Ties
It's so much easier when you can tie apron strings in front rather than struggling with them behind your back. That's why the Bellemain's strings are extra long, so you can wrap them all the way around your body. Generously Sized 27"W x 34.25"L
Splashes and stains can ruin your clothes if your apron isn't long enough or wide enough. The Bellemain is.
The Bellemain Chef's Apron is made of strong, poly/cotton duck with soil release finish. To clean, simply throw it in the washing machine (with like colors) and tumble dry (low). Unisex Black & White Pinstripe,Sturdy, Easy-Care Fabric. The Bellemain's classic pattern is a favorite with men and women, professionals and amateurs alike. Wear it with confidence that you look as good as you cook.
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