All Times Finest Spiral Slicer Gift Set Review!

All Times Finest presents:The Sturdiest Vegetable Spiral Slicer out there! Their structural engineers took this very popular kitchen tool and perfected it. Not some weak tool that will fail, break or leave you unsatisfied about your new kitchen tool. Start creating Stunning Salads and dishes that are sure to liven up even the simplest of meals.

Put a new twist on your salads, dishes or even deserts with just the ease of a twist! Create fresh, delicious, healthy food for the family, guests or just yourself in a matter of minutes. It's as simple as hold, turn and the vegetables or fruit gets spiraled in a matter of seconds. For best results only use firm fruits & vegetables.  
Would you like to make spaghetti/long thin strands (2mm x 3mm)? Or are more a wide Fettuccine kind of person (3.5mm x 1"). Perfect sizes to create vegetable stir-fries, pasta dishes, salad brighteners and more! Highest quality spiral vegetable slicer with special super sharp Japanese stainless steel blades & high grade food-safe plastic. Small and compact, lightweight, structural optimised design, which enables you to make different kind of spiraled dishes in just a matter of seconds. Prefer julienne strands? Or rather have some spiraled slices? This Spiral slicer has best of both worlds, unlike the others which have two different julienne strand sizes. People will be amazed by your skills in the kitchen! It is even Dishwasher Safe which is a huge deal maker in my world. Plus FDA approved, BPA-FEE, protective cap, Instruction Manual, and cleaning tools.
Using the finest Spiral Slicer of all time takes only a few minutes to master, but can bring all your dishes, not only salads, to the next level. Create long curly strands of vegetables/fruits or create lovely flowers by using the other side! I really love the fact that you get many tools in one. Creating the most beautiful edible items with just a flick of my wrist and a few seconds of my time. I was so excited to use this slicer in hopes that the blades are nice and sharp. The problem with other similar slicers is that the knife is too dull making the tool useless. All I want to do is make a pretty dish for my family, is that too much to ask? It should be and with this slicer I have learned that you can find a sharp high performing slicer and it's All Times Finest! Right now they are including this awesome gift box with the tool that holds everything perfectly. It is very easy to use a slices just as it should. Clean up was even easier because it's dishwasher safe! Had to mention that twice, so wonderful. If your looking for a hand held slicer that actually works, go with All Times Finest Spiral Slicer.

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