Smarty Had a Party Elegant Earth Tones Dinnerware Set Review!

When throwing a party, event, small get together or big event you usually want to display nice elegant pieces to add that extra something. This provides a great eye appeal to the simplest of items from food that was once boring looking to suddenly looking like it is a culinary masterpiece. Even taking a worn out table and making it look like something from out of a magazine. You want people to be able to absorb their surroundings at your party to fit the theme. Who says it needs to cost a fortune to obtain? 
Not Smarty Had a Party! So the story goes... Once upon a time, being a plastic plate meant you were a cheap little throw away party plate. You were not elegant, you were not fancy, and you surely weren't proud of yourself. People found you to be, well, frankly, disposable. They preferred china plates, and would have never considered plastic plates to be elegant. Oh, no, they would have said! We would NEVER use disposable plates at our elegant party! Plastic plates are just not fancy enough! 
Smarty Had A Party is the nation’s top-rated online party store for entertaining, from back yard pool parties to weddings, bridal showers, holiday dinners and special occasions. Smarty offers the widest selection of budget-friendly, elegant disposable dinnerware, eco-friendly party supplies and table linen on the web, enabling party and event planners to save the expense and hassle of rentals. In addition to humorous, friendly product pages, Smarty’s helpful blog guides people planning events with illustrated party inspirations and ideas, creative recipe suggestions, and DIY instructions. Smarty also sells beautiful decorations to create a unique wow effect for guests, and preserve a lifetime of memories.
5 Piece Earth Tones Dinnerware Set:
* 1 Each 60x102 Brown Polyester Tablecloth
* 1 Pack Elegant White & Gold Disposable Casino Plates (10/pk)
* 1 Pack Cream Tuxedo-Fold Disposable Dinner Napkins (24 pk)
* 1 Set of  Plastic Silver-Look Flatware: Forks, Knives & Spoons (unit 48+24+24)
* 1 Pack 12 oz Upscale Disposable Renaissance Plastic Cups (20/pk)
This set is gorgeous! Talk about elegant without the fine china, this is it. This is the elite of all the disposable dinnerware out there. This is made to impress and toss. Honestly it's so beautiful even though I can toss it, it's very hard to part with believe me. It's hard to believe that with the outstanding quality and design that it is made to be trash eventually. Smarty Had a Party isn't new to me, oh no. I love them! You will never be without a spectacular party or event design with Smarty Had a Party.
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  1. It took me years-but I finally convinced my Mom that using plastic was okay. She never minded using it at my friends house--but at HER house--nope! Until this year and she still won't use the dinner plates or the plastic silver ware which looks darn good as well!! Granted she has a dishwasher--but guess who has to fill it up? Maybe this year I can convince her to look at this site and get ll plastic throw aways!!!

  2. Smarrty Had a Party makes so many awesome party supplies. I couldnt believe how many colors and patterns they have. Loved visiting the website. Thanks for the post!

  3. i use plastic if it's kids, but less likely to use plastic if it is adults coming over- unless it is a BBQ. those are nice though! i wouldn't have known.

  4. Wow, this looks really nice; perfect for a party or even a get together with the family.

  5. I would never have thought they were plastic just looking at the photos. Great idea for a party with having no washing up to do later, although I might be like you and want to keep them.

  6. What a beautiful table setup! It’s casual, yet still really elegant.


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