Rs-TEC 4 in 1 Car Escape Tool With Digital Tire Gauge Review!

Want to save money on your car's mileage? Monitor your tire pressures regularly with ease? Keeping your tires on the correct manufacturer's suggested pressure will also prevent uneven wear. Let me introduce you to this product that is a car emergency escape tool/ digital tire pressure gauge combination. It can serve the user 4 benefits: conserving fuel mileage by regularly checking tire pressures and giving the possibility to break a car’s side window, cut a seatbelt in case the (electronic) belt is jammed/locked. With that comes a build-in light which is intended to find the tire stem in low light conditions which is intentionally not too bright in order not to drain the batteries too much.
The accurate pressure gauge reads values in PSI and BAR and can be set to give a beep when it reads the correct pressure. Testing before putting anything on the market especially for safety tools is a must. The window hammer is large and will brake a side window in case of an emergency. The seat belt cutter also equipped with a razor sharp knife. 
Accurate Pressure Gauge
 Monitor your tire pressure: In order to reach the set up mode, hold down the
middle button for 3 seconds. The value on the display will now flash, now while flashing press the + or - buttons to preset your required pressure. The tool will automatically revert back to the measure mode. The tool will now aurally indicate a single bleep when the preset value is reached and bleep
3 times when the pressure is over or under the set value.
* Wide field of application:cars,motorcycles and small trucks
* Remembers reading after removing it from the valve
* Preferred pressure memory function
* Range:0,5-110 PSI/0,05-7.0 BAR
* Auto-off in 15 seconds 
This tool is very easy to use. The light up LED screen is very easy read and makes it very bright in dark areas. This is perfect for dark garages, night time and overall viewing. To make sure this gauge gave an accurate reading I first took a manual test. Then confirmed my findings with this digital gauge, both were the same. Now I am not going to test the window break tool unless I absolutely need to. The tough material provides a strong hammer appearance and durability. Unfortunately seat belts can lock and trap you inside. This is a major nightmare but just look at the bottom of this tools handle. There is a cutter to provide an easy escape if ever need be. The added light is perfect for dark areas of the car and night time use. This tool is a wonderful gadget to have in every vehicle. It's better to be safe than sorry. This tool has proven to provide the added safety you need to feel that much more safe in your vehicle.
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