Chamberlain's Leather Milk Leather Conditioner Review!

The truth about leather is that it can last forever if properly taken care of. Whether it be your purse, boots, wallet, furniture, saddle or anything that is real leather. Leather is not cheap either. Protecting your investment is most important so spending a little for maintenance is worth every penny. There are so many products out there to choose from making it hard to find the right one.

Just like milk is a primary nutrient for life, Leather Milk is a vital nutrient for your leather! Originally designed for and recommended by Saddleback Leather Company, Chamberlain's Leather Care Liniment is a milky, water-based leather conditioner containing some remarkable leather enriching ingredients along with a few mystical properties. Their all-natural recipes are designed to gently strengthen, preserve, beautify and restore your leather, without overloading it with heavy oils or toxic chemicals. Distinguished by its pleasant almond fragrance (subtle enough not to detract from your leather's natural scent), Leather Care Liniment no. 1 is perfect for use on your leather bags, luggage, purses, shoes, boots, saddle/tack and leather apparel. Leather Care Liniment is also 100% Made in USA! Chamberlain's Leather Milk (Leather Care Liniment No. 1) is used on all Saddleback Leather Company's products before the items are shipped to their customers. Saddleback get so much wear between being sat on and exposed to the elements. Knowing the Chamberlain's brand is what keeps so many riders happy is just the beginning!
Tips in mind before using any products:
*Read instructions fully before using.
*Leather Milk should not be consumed.
*Use carefully on unfinished leather.
*Not for use on suede.
*Test in a discreet area before using.
*May darken lighter colored leathers; color usually lightens back up with use.
*Apply shoe polish after conditioning dress shoes.
This is a must have for anyone with fine leather. I use this on my Coach handbag and it hides any scuffs and stores the beauty in my bag. It had of course seen better days until Chamberlain's came along. My main use of this product is for my western boots. Above are my most favorite pair of Justin Boots and to keep them beautiful I have to take great care of them. The leather conditioner does just as described to my boots. Providing a fine luster of moisture and finishing with a hint of faint almond. This hides any and all scuffs that I acquire with ease. This is an amazing product and I can see why this company has been used time and time again.
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