Thousands of FREE eBooks! *Categorized*

Did you know that you do not need a Kindle to read all the books there are to offer? You can not only view on the traditional Kindle, but on your own computer, iPhone, or iPad! Simply download the Free Kindle app in iTunes to view your eBooks on your iPhone or iPad. To view on your computer, you can send your Books directly to Amazon Cloud Player. No Kindle required! Now that you know, here are a bunch of Free eBooks to take advantage of. Not only are they FREE but they've been categorized just for you!!

 * Religion & Spirituality
Mixed Selection
* Mystery
* Mystery & Suspense
* Suspense
* Romance
* Romantic Suspense
* Nonfiction
* Cookbooks, Food, & Wine
* Fiction Classics
* Contemporary Fiction

~THOUSANDS of FREE eBooks at YOUR Fingertips~

Disclaimer:This post does contain affiliate links.


  1. Thank you for letting me know. I never realized there was so much free reading at my fingertips! Sharing this with my followers.

  2. And those free books change every day! I have the free kindle for my PC-it works like a dream. I have yet to use the cloud--maybe some day.


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