Expandable Hose Review!

Traditional garden hoses kink and give you a hard time when you’re trying to water your plants. They are also heavy and hard to lug around without having them crush your plants as you go. The expandable hose is a unique, new alternative to the standard garden hose. Made from durable material and engineered with revolutionary design. This expandable hose is easy to use and to store. Turn on the water and the hose expands to more than three times of its contracted length (from 33ft to 100 ft). When the water is turned off, the hose returns to its original length!

THIS QUALITY EXPANDABLE HOSE Starts out at 33 Feet, Hook it up to Water Pressure and it Will Grow to 100 Feet. When Finished Allow the Water to Drain From the Hose and it Will Return to 33 Feet For Easy Storage.
VERY LIGHTWEIGHT, KINK, AND TANGLE FREE. Forget about Lugging Around that Heavy Traditional 100 Foot Hose and Storing it Year Round. When not in use this Hose can be Stored in a Small Bucket or on a Shelf. QUALITY SOURCE PRODUCTS Expandable hose is Very Strong With 100 PSI Working Pressure and 300-PSI Burst Pressure. You will not be Disappointed.
Watering your garden or yard can be quite a headache when your standard hose constantly snags. This not only takes up your time but causes un-wanted stress. All you want to do is water your greenery after all. When your done fighting your hose it's time to lug the heavy thing back into it's place. Honestly watering should be therapeutic and satisfying. That's why I love the expandable hose. I no longer feel like a kid tugging around a heavy fire hose. Quality Source Products makes watering fun again. Not only do I get the job done in half the time but I have so much hose I can reach my entire yard. The material used to make this hose is not that you see of cheap thin netting type material. It more feels of thick durable fabric ready to take a beating. The included hose head its perfect with the hose itself. Each setting does exactly what it states with flying colors. Overall this hose is exactly what your looking for when it comes to an expandable hose. Don't let the others fool you with their false gimmick's. Quality Source Products makes a fine durable and highly functional hose that is sure to bring the peace back into you watering routine.
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