Bacon & Spinach Stuffed Steak Roll-Ups Recipe!

When combining meats together you can't go wrong. Well, maybe you can but not in this delicious recipe. Being married to a steak lover and personally having a weakness for bacon I couldn't resist combining the two. With this recipe you can enjoy your love for both meats and not break your budget or diet. They are so very easy to make too! Below you will find out all you need to make these scrumptious roll-ups yourself.

1 tbs. Sea Salt
1 lb. Top Round Tenderized Beef Steak
5 - 7 Strips of Bacon
2 Cups of Baby Spinach
2 tbs of Honey Mustard
2 Garlic Cloves
5 - 6 Slices of Provolone Cheese

Bakers Twine
Sharp Knife
Baking Pan/Dish
Cutting Board
Toothpicks or Mini Skewers


* STEP 1 - Preheat your oven to 350 DEGREES Fahrenheit

* STEP 2 - Wash your fresh baby spinach and cut off the stems. Then take 1 cup and chop into little pieces. Take the other cup lay it on the bottom of your baking pan/dish. (shown below)

* STEP 3 - Peel the skin off you garlic cloves and chop into tiny pieces.

* STEP 4 - Take your honey mustard, garlic, salt and baby spinach and mix them up into a bowl.

* STEP 5 - Rinse your meat and layout. If not already butterflied like shown above (request from your butcher) you will need to add another 5-10 minutes to your prep time.

* STEP 6 - Taking your spatula, cover the entire surface of the butterflied steak. (Shown above)

* STEP 7 - Take your 4-6 strips of bacon and cover over the entire surface. (Shown above)

* STEP 8 - Take your provolone cheese and cover over the surface leaving a little space around all edges of the steak. (Shown above)

* STEP 9 - With your meat laid out horizontally roll starting closest to you and work your way out. It should stick long enough for you to tie on your bakers twine.

* STEP 10 - Using your bakers twine tie of the ends and tie off every 1.5" or so. This will secure everything in place while it bakes. (Shown above)

* STEP 11 - You can choose to cut in half a place in your baking dish like I did in the image above or leave in a log form in a large dish/pan.

* STEP 12 - Put pan/dish in the oven on the middle rack for 50 minutes.

* STEP 13 - Remove your pan/dish from your oven and lay out to cool for 5 minutes. Then take your roll(s) and place them on your cutting board. (Shown above)

* STEP 14 - Puncture your toothpicks or skewers into the roll every half and inch or so. This depends on how big you want each piece to be.

* STEP 15 - Using your sharp knife cut in between the toothpicks or skewers. Use your fork to hold the meat while you cut. (Shown above)

*STEP 16 - Serve & Enjoy!

*Using rolls cut in half to make mini sliders.
*Use baby spinach and juices left in the bottom of your pan to top everything off.

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