Speaker Creatures Review!

Speaker Creatures are wireless Bluetooth™ speakers for the shower! They are a reliable shower buddy designed to make rocking out in the shower so much better! Now while you belt out tunes in the shower, your device can stay out of harms way thanks to the Bluetooth connection and a 30ft wireless range.  
OnHand is all about students. When it comes to the next hot technology gadget or gizmo, students are the future. What better way to not beat around the bush than to go directly to the source. That's why OnHands ideas come directly from inspired tech savvy individuals that know what everyone is looking for. Speaker Creatures is just one of the many innovative products that OnHand produces. Students wanted a way to play music in the shower so OnHand responded with Speaker Creatures: Bluetooth Shower Speakers that let you pump the volume in the shower while your connected device stays dry out of site.
This particular Speaker Creature is "Ringo the Octopus". He is quite handy to have around. You can take him all over the place and adhere him to any surface that can handle suction. Whether it be directly inside your shower or on your bathroom mirror. You don't have to stop their either, take it anywhere you want hands free music. After a first initial connection between the device and you cell phone you are ready to go. Connect to use the speaker with just a few clicks afterwords. The suction allows you to listen to your music hands free and worry free. The speaker is water proof so no worries if you clumsily drop it in the shower, it will survive. After all octopuses are made for water! The sound is crisp and clear regardless of the reception from your cell phone provider. Easily set up in just a few minutes allowing plenty of time to gather your music playlist. Get these adorable Speaker Creatures in a variety of colors and designs. Make the most out of your shower and add music!
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