Miracle Coat "Short & Smooth" Shampoo Review!

Miracle Care™ provides a wide array of innovative, solutions driven premium products for animals including health and beauty aids, grooming tools, remedies, first aid items and supplements. Sold as individual products in sizes to meet home or professional needs, as well as convenient, easy to use kits. Their shampoos are formulated with ingredients specifically blended the enrich and enhance the natural qualities of individual breed coal types.

4 Different Types of Miracle Coat Shampoo:
Curly and Wiry: 
Fortified with botanicals that nurture the skin and coat without over conditioning
Long and Silky: 
Extra conditioners loosen tangles and mats making after bath brush outs easy
Short and Smooth: 
Colloidal oatmeal and wheat germ oil condition both the skin and coat
Thick and Dense: 
Low Sudsing, gentle formula thoroughly cleanses and maintains the undercoat without stripping
They carry a wide variety of grooming products to fit each breeds specific needs. The "Short & Smooth" shampoo is perfect for my medium breed Boston Terriers. They have short hair that dries out easily leaving itchy dander behind. This dander can cause them to be so irritated that they scratch and gnaw causing further damage to the driest areas. Treating their coats with special shampoo formulated for their specific needs is a must. At our house, our pets are part of the family and a happy dog is a healthy dog. Nourishing both inside and outside is how to keep your pet both feeling and looking it's best. With the Miracle Coat shampoo my Boston Terriers smell wonderful! The shampoo does not irritate their skin nor bother their eyes. After just the first use their coats where as shiny as can be. After a few uses their dander was gone! That is a huge deal. If your a pet owner you know that dander is a daunting irritant to conquer. I suggest contacting Miracle Coat with your dogs breed so they can set you up with the right shampoo. I love my pets and want the best for them. Short & Smooth shampoo is perfect for my Boston Terriers!
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