Timocco Children's Interactive Computer Game Review!

All parents want the best for their children. Most of the time we have to go above and beyond to ensure each of our children receives the best. When your a parent of a special needs child the reach is that much greater of a task to fill. Besides the standard learning expected of our child at a certain age, many of our kids need extra help. Having a child with Autism my daughter requires different learning tools to help her understand how things work. Searching for that one tool that can not only make learning fun but my daughter actually understands is quite an extensive duty. Traditional learning methods just do not cut it, she is not the typical learner. Whether your child is a visual learner or audio learner Timocco is an interactive, motion based computer game for children with difficulties in motor control and cognitive skills, used in clinics, schools and at home. As part of occupational therapy or physiotherapy, adapted to each special need, motor and cognitive skills improve in a fun, safe and non-violent gaming environment. Each game focuses on specific abilities, and enables the user to select between levels of difficulty. The games can be adopted to the child’s specific needs. Performance results are saved in a database on the Internet or on a local network, and can be viewed and analysed any time.

Who can benefit from interacting with Timocco?
Growing with Timocco offers every child the same opportunity to develop and fulfil their ambitions. Each game helps children develop neurological, learning and motor skills – replacing all the frustration with a lot of positive feedback. As children challenge themselves, one step at a time, they feel the glow of success as they progress in an engaging and fun activity.
A disorder that affects movement, motor skills and muscle tone
A neurobehavioral disorder that can have a detrimental impact on a child’s development
Affecting the development of thinking, language, behaviour and social skills

A movement skill disorder that effects everyday functioning
Affecting the brain’s ability to receive, process, analyze, or store information.
Motor and cognitive skills play a key role in our development throughout childhood and adulthood

Growing with Timocco helps children acquire key cognitive skills 
Includes 5 non-competitive educational software games with tracking controllers that improve visio-motor skills and strengthens  shoulders and arms.
Includes 4 games designed specifically for young children in their early stages of learning. Enhances understanding of cause and effect, and encourages the child to be active and engaged.
Includes 3 non-competitive educational games, specially designed for children with primary or secondary attention disorders.
Includes 4 activities, each designed to improve executive functioning (EF) and communication skills, emphasizing generalization of the skills into context of daily living functioning.
The 15 early learning games expose the child to letters, numbers and colors. The games encourage exploration and focus, while concentrating on recognition and the identification of numbers, quantities, letters, and colors.
The 15 early games package provides an interactive sensory experience that encourages exploration of cause and effect, a sense of control, and basic targeting. This exposes the child to a variety of attractive environments: jungle, butterflies and ball games.
Timocco can be used for home and school with their 2 editions!
Timocco Home EditionExpand your child’s horizons with interactive lay.
Adapted for your child’s specific needs:
Growing with Timocco equips you, as a parent, with a unique tool in helping your child overcome their personal daily challenges.
Improves motor and cognitive skills:
Growing with Timocco includes a range of five non-competitive educational software games with tracking controllers that follow your child’s movements. Neuromotor therapy is achieved by holding both hands up in the air to strengthen the child’s shoulders and arms, while using both hands in the right sequence, to improve bilateral coordination.
Fun and engaging platform:
Allow your child to safely explore through play. Games take place in Timocco’s home, on the beach, up in the sky, or out in the yard. Friendly and non-violent games, from popping bubbles to catching fruit, provide all the motivation your child needs to have a fun and challenging experience, encouraged by plenty of positive feedback.

Timocco Perfessional Edition - Achieve each child’s optimal therapy outcome
Timocco Pro allows you to:
• Tailor each session to meet the child’s specific therapy needs.
• Select parameters to be recorded include the number of errors or hits, path of motion and number of midline crossing movements.
• Analyze training results and progress over time.
• Adjust features such as the number of stimuli, the duration of the task, speed, appearance of distracters and difficulty levels.
• Receive full therapy analysis reports that indicate the child’s progress over time.
• Chose from five developmental games which are supported by more than 20 sub games
• Select sub games for emphasis on different motor or cognitive skill, such as the child’s posture, bilateral coordination, cross-midline maturation, eye-hand coordination, or visual discrimination.

* Each Timocco pro license allows the management of 2 therapists and 20 children
One of the signature signs of Autism in children is the inherent difficulty to communicate. With Tim Duet these children are able to play games to improve communication and interaction skills through real world scenarios. Tim Duet games are designed to improve Executive Function (EF) and communication skills with an emphasis on the generalization process to daily living.

This package of games is aimed for the top range of the learning curve. With the use of tobii eye wear  the child can acquire eye gaze skills that can be transferred and generalized into the activities of daily living, which encourages communication. The activities in this game also teach the child how to use eye gaze for the purpose of choosing, focusing, planning and problem solving skills. In addition, Timocco’s Tim Duet teaches children acceptance of game rules, the ability to share common space, the ability to relate to the presence of others, and to learn how to maintain a joint / dual relationship. Not only does Timocco get your child moving but hooks them into the fun that is learning. This program grows with your child along with introducing them to new techniques and structured learning tools to help provide a productive learning experience.
For less than $1 a day you can score a private tutor for your child! It can be used on both Windows and Mac. The overall idea is similar to that of a Xbox Kinect but specially formatted with all the goodies your looking for in a game system for your special needs child. Finally special needs parents and educators have a gaming system specifically made just for their child! I just love Timocco, they are a new wave of therapy!
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