Snuggle Bear's 30th Birthday Celebration! #TeamSnuggle {Winner Announced}

When the Snuggle Bear was born I was less than a year old. I remember seeing that plush bear on the containers of fabric softeners and thought she was the best bear. Then I saw the commercials and was completely in love with this most adorably soft and nice bear. I have wanted her ever since. Snuggle products and I are inseparable, I just can't get enough. Not only does that charming bear lour you in but once you get a whiff, your a solid fan for life.

This month Snuggle Bear has been celebrating her 30th birthday! I have the honor of celebrating with her and invite you to do the same. My childhood love for this bear has grown stronger and stronger over the years. The products honestly are by far the best quality and provide the most lasting fresh smell out of all the other products I have used. Every different kind of product Snuggle has produced is worth celebrating.
There is something about the Snuggle Bear that makes her stand out above the rest. Is it her fur? Style? Softness? Smell? Appeal? Voice? Yes it's all those reasons but so much more. Call me a big kid but the Snuggle Bear is a legend and has always been there for me. That lovable bear on the TV screen captivating me from the moment I laid eyes on her. I never dreamed that one day she would be mine. The Snuggle Bear is even better than I imagined. She arrived in a box filled with all the goodies you see and smelled strong of Snuggle. This fragrant smelling bear of my dreams was exactly everything I hoped it would be. Soft, wonderfully scented and huggable! The Snuggle company has never let me down and always provided enjoyable commercials, dreamy long lasting products and the most irresistible bear. Hands down they are my favorite laundry product manufacturer and I will always continue to use their products, just like my mother did and I will pass down the Snuggle tradition to my daughter. Kids love them, adults get the most for their money and everyone gets to smell fresh!
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Bear DenAs part of Team Snuggle, Frugal Mom and Wife received this Snuggle product package free of charge. My opinions and statements are of my own experience of this product. The prize share in this exclusive event will be shipped from Snuggle headquarters. Thank you for being a part of this celebration.