FREE Lost Letters - Toddlers Learn Letters Playing As Detectives App!

Lost Letters is an interactive app that lets your kid find letters missing in the words.
It develops early literacy skills and eye-hand coordination.

Before you play:
With the help of this app your child will learn simple words concerning animals, plants and objects. During the game the child will take on to find the lost letters, train hand-eye coordination and perception. The reward will be joyful animations played when the child solves a task at hand.
Play with your kids. Have fun :)
How to play:
Tap the magnifying glass on the main screen to start the game. After the introduction, choose any word on the scene by tapping it. You will be asked to find the letter missing from the word. The letter is a moving element hidden somewhere on the scene. Once you find and tap the letter, it will complete the word and an animation of the picture will begin. You can tap on the picture to replay the animation or tap the right arrow to go to the next scene.