World Autism Awareness Day!

Today has been recognized as worldwide Autism Awareness Day. What does that mean? If you are like me and my family, you live with Autism all day every day. Your well aware of Autism but others have barely an idea of what we go through. Unless your directly exposed to Autism, it can be truly hard to understand from the outside looking in. That's what awareness is for. To let individuals inside our world so they can understand what Autism is all about. Autism stays with individuals their entire life and effects each person differently. You see, Autism is a huge spectrum of functionality levels all based around the same key roots. Effecting social interactions, communication, behaviors and more in every individual with Autism. Statistics states that currently 1 in every 42 boys and 1 in every 189 girls is diagnosed with Autism. That is just the tole in the United States. Autism is all over the world, hence "World Autism Awareness Day". Today people like me and my family join together to spread awareness to help you understand our world. Don't let today be the only day you think about Autism. Go out and learn all you can and spread awareness every day.

*Autism parent, grandparent, relative or friend? There are great support groups within your community, Facebook groups ready to talk about anything, seminars to explore ASD, and the bonus is most all are free and from the comfort of your home. Explore around, you'll be surprised in what you may find!

*Finding Autism? What to look for.

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