Gorton's Seafood "Real Solutions" Review! #RealSolutions

Gorton’s was founded in 1849 by a father-son duo under the name John Pew & Sons. Several years later in nearby Rockport, MA, Slade Gorton founded a fishing business and was the first to pack salt-dried codfish. Gorton’s became a registered trademark in 1875. In 1906, Slade Gorton, John Pew and two other Gloucester fisheries merged into Gorton-Pew Fisheries. When the merger became effective, the company offices were located in the same building where Gorton’s Main Office is located today. At the turn of the 20th century, Gorton’s Codfish Cakes were a New England staple. A leader in innovation, Gorton’s was the first to develop a frozen convenience food – Gorton’s Fried and Frozen Codfish Fillets. Since then, Gorton’s has introduced countless seafood innovations, like “Fresh Lock” processing in the late 1950s and now-famous Gorton’s Fish Sticks in 1952. More recently, Gorton’s Grilled Fillets and Skillet Crisp items have introduced delicious and innovative ways to enjoy seafood. In 1975, the Gorton’s Fisherman appeared on TV for the first time. “Trust the Gorton’s Fisherman” has since become a famous jingle beloved by Americans. Much has changed at Gorton’s since 1849, but a few things will always remain the same. Gorton’s is a company proud of its Gloucester history, the Gorton’s Fisherman, and the dedicated people that work every day to help people everywhere enjoy the goodness of great seafood.

By following the recipe found on Gorton's website, I was able to create a delicious meal for my family. The directions were easy to follow and actually turned out just as mouth watering as the image below shows. Gorton's is by far the best frozen seafood there is to offer. Fresh real seafood is inside every package not that processed parts their competitors offer. Juicy and succulent with every bite and so easy to prepare. Saving money and cooking a better meal than fast food or restaurant is my kind of food. Gorton's has never let me down with any of their products. I have tried each and every product available and am quite impressed. Not only are the portions generous but seasoned to perfection. No preparation needed besides setting my oven. The hardest part in preparing any Gorton's product is waiting for them to be ready to eat.
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