How To Line Your Dresser Drawers With Wrapping Paper!

     Whether your wanting to give an existing dresser new life or simply give it more personality, lining is an easy fix. You can choose from millions of wrapping papers of all textures, patterns, and colors making the possibilities endless. It is super easy and very cheap to do by yourself or with family and friends. The results are too good to pass up the intriguing look the finished drawers provide. Let me tell you how.

    Empty Drawers:
    Remove contents to ensure a clean work space. 
    Using a measuring tape, jot down the width and length of the inside of your drawer. 
    Apply Adhesive.   
    Apply glue (Mod Pod)to the bottom of the drawer evenly with a sponge brush. Avoid using too much or too little, as it will cause your lining to bunch up or not stick at all. Pay special attention to the edges and corner of your lining paper. If you like to change the paper often use double-sided tape across the bottom of the drawer instead. 
    Line and Smooth: 
    Line up one edge of the lining inside the drawer and press it into place, smoothing it down and pressing bubbles out as you work across the surface. Using a rag to smooth as you go helps avoid any blemishes. Work any bubbles from point to edge to remove.
    Finishing Touches: 
    Seal with glue (Mod Pod) by simply repeating the above steps once again over the papered surface. If you used double-sided tape, your done! Then add any embellishments like ribbon rope around the outer edges.
    This is an easy way to give new life to a loved furniture piece or simply add a bit more personality to your every day living. Be sure to measure all the drawers you are planning to line before buying wrapping paper to ensure you have enough. So many designs to choose from you can please every one's interest. Give your furniture a face lift without breaking the bank!