Classic Leather {RFID Security} ID Wallet by Allett Review!

Sadly there are individuals in this world that would love nothing more than to steal your personal information. All we can do is seek the best security we can find to protect ourselves. Thieves are inventing new ways to scam tons of innocent people out of what we thought was protected. Did you know you can simply walk by someone and they can steal your information right out of your wallet without touching you. These scammers are the ultimate pick-pockets whom never lift a finger. You see they have scamming devices that can pull the credit or debit card information right off your cards. Sounds crazy but unfortunately it can happen but not if you have an RFID Wallet.
Allett's RFID wallets are made with a military grade multi-metalized liner throughout. Most RFID wallets on the market offer minimal protection by using standard foil as a liner, typically found only in the exterior layer of the wallet. Allett RFID wallets come with 360 degrees of protection. The electromagnetic shielding material is found within the exterior and each interior pocket resulting in highly effective protection. Allett’s RFID wallets almost offer remarkable radio frequency magnetic shielding even in difficult close range circumstances. Made to protect and stands out above the rest with total security!

It is always better to be safe than sorry I truly believe. Why risk the chance of someone stealing your information yet another way. With so many ways thieves can take advantage of your personal information, I find the RDIF Security Wallet by Allett a breath of fresh air. Knowing my husbands information is protected no matter where he goes is very wonderful. Not only does it protect his cards but is stylish and durable. The thinness of this wallet makes it seam as if it's barely there, especially if your used to a bulky wallet. We couldn't be more pleased with the overall quality and extensive features this wallet has to offer.

Product Details:
*Wallet is lined with a thin RFID protective alloy which protects 
against credit card and identity theftClear ID pocket
*Holds up to 14 credit cards
*Divided cash pocket
*Made of top quality Napa leather with a 
SoftTech nylon interior plus alloy lining
*Napa leather is noted for its soft supple feel and lasting durability
*The Napa leather grain has breathability producing 
less moisture while allowing for a faster dry time
*Thin and comfortable to carry in the front or back pocket
*Weight is 1.2 Ounces
*Dimensions: 4” x 4” x ¼”
*Made in San Diego California
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