Wednesday, February 12, 2014

FREE Slow Cooker Cookbook: 200 Delicious, Simple and Nutritious Recipes eBook! EXPIRED

Slow cookers are gentle, economical and safe giving your meals lots of extra flavour and variety.  This Slow Cooker Cookbook gets you started with a wonderful selection of 200 fantastic and mouth-watering recipes to get you started such as mushroom and onion scramble, Asian beef soup, vegetable curry, BBQ mini meatballs, Mediterranean chicken stew, sweetcorn risotto , banana pudding cake, mulled wine and chocolate sauce. They’ve deliberately kept this Slow Cooker Cookbook simple and easy to apply so you can start enjoying the great way of cooking today.. 
What's Inside: 
• What is slow cooking 
• Benefits of slow cooking 
• Types of slow cookers 
• Tips for successful slow cooking 
• 200 delicious recipes 
***This eBook is now back to full price of $3.99***

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  1. when I looked just now, it was still $3.99. Do you have to do something special before checkout to get it for free?


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