Craft Cuts {Stand-Alone Painted Wood Lettering on Base} Review!

Decorating with wooden letters has always been my style. There is so much personality and the piece speaks for itself. Craft Cuts is a division of Woodland Manufacturing Inc. Their forte is craft lettering and shapes, small Greek letters, custom stencils, and decorative vinyl signs. With their fine machines they have the ability to cut any vector artwork out of wood, metal, plastic or vinyl, lending unlimited possibilities to produce creative products for creative people.
The idea of a company producing custom wood lettering was launched January 2001 in a barn located in a rural area outside of Boise, Idaho with a machine rigged with six scroll saws linked to a computer lovingly referred to as "The Beast." Two years later, a professional shop was leased in an industrial park and the company has been growing ever since. That first machine, The Beast, has long been retired, replaced by sleeker and more accurate machinery that use lasers and router bits to cut any font, shape, or size.
Craft Cuts efficient running production line is populated with friendly customer service agents, detail-oriented machinists and wood sanders, and artistically-inclined hand painters. They take pleasure in creating that one-of-a-kind or hard-to-find lettering or shape for each one of their customers.
I just love letters to decorate with but there is so many possibilities it can be hard to start small. That's why I started big with a statement piece for my above the cabinet area in my kitchen. Not being able to stand a vacant space above I always look for awesome ways to spice it up. Being tired of my typical floral I had Craft Cuts design a beautiful large piece to make display "pop". All I needed to do was pick the font, color, style, and measurements. They did everything else and very speedy too. I am absolutely taken back with just how exquisite my wooden sign adorned with my families last name turned out. Absolutely beautiful! The quality is not what you expect when being used to store bought wooden letters. Craft Cuts quality surpasses them with flying colors, The craftsmanship is outstanding, sturdy, and vibrant. The gorgeous sign you see above is from their painted stand alone lettering. It comes on a base so it can be displayed on a shelf, mantle, cabinets, or any other surface. Present stand alone wooden letters for a baby shower gift, housewarming party, or anniversary. Because the wood lettering can be set on any surface, they can be used for reference or direction signs as well. Letters are hand painted with an indoor-rated matte acrylic paint on all sides except the bottom. Precision cut, sanded, and painted, your free standing words or letters arrive ready to display. Laser cut stand alone lettering is ideal for smaller letters and detailed fonts. Because the machine can only cut up to 30 inch in total width, each word you order must be shorter than 29 inches. If your lettering exceeds 29 inches, they will be Router Cut and will come in ½ inch thickness which can be cut at any length. Words are cut as one piece, please let us know if you would like them cut any other way. Craft Cuts makes their indoor-rated stand alone lettering from Baltic Birch Plywood which is one of the strongest wood materials available for sign and craft projects. A 3/8 or 1/2 inch thick base arrives attached to your lettering. Now that's quality craftsmanship! Love to be crafty without all the hard work? Let Craft Cuts help you along the way!
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