2014 Every Day Counts!

2013 had so much happened that I cannot even begin to start describing all the events. However, I will say that it ended on a better note in my world than it has in a while. 
Fresh new planners ready to store my agenda for the new year. I love having a planner to make reminders and special occasions. Especially finding the perfect set; one for my purse and one for home. The ones you see above were found at Target. 
As for this new year of course I have goals I would like to achieve in my activities everyday life and for the future. Most of all out of anything I could possibly hope for is, Every Day Counts! That's why I picked the planner above to remind me everyday. Common sense tells you that every day does in deed count but it is easily over looked by events of the day. Some good and some bad. Either way I am going to try to live each day to the fullest by making sure "Every Day Counts". I do not need to go sky diving, mountain climbing, or activities of those sorts for my day to count to the fullest. Nope, making sure the ones I love and care about know just how I much I adore them is what matters. Though I cannot control what others do I can however do my best with what I can control within myself. Spreading love and joy should be each and every ones goal everyday. Cheers, to a New Year with loads of love and happiness. Stop worrying about the things you cannot control and focus on things you have the power to change. Live everyday to the fullest simply because Every Day Counts.