Shenzhen Knives: 3 piece Ceramic Knife Set Review!

Imagine paper thin tomato slices or perfectly diced onions, Shenzhen Ceramic Knives give you precision slicing every time due to ceramic’s special material properties. The blade is made of an advanced ceramic called zirconium oxide that is much harder than steel, and second in hardness to only diamond. Ceramic blanks are produced by dry pressing zirconia powder and subjecting the blanks through an advanced heating process called, sintering. The ceramic blanks are then sharpened and honed to a razor sharp edge and attached to the knife handle. This results in an extremely hard blade that maintains its edge approximately 10-15 times longer than steel knives. That means your ceramic knives can be used longer without resharpening. Ceramic is also non-reactive, which means ceramic knives will not rust and are easy to clean. Because of their resistance to strong oils and acids, they won’t absorb flavors or odors from foods; which won’t leave any after-taste residue on foods that you slice. It also keeps fruit and vegetables from browning as quickly. Unlike ceramic blades, steel blades are porous, and they can sometimes leave behind an after-taste or residue on the food you’re cutting. And due to its softer material, steel blades lose their edge much quicker than a ceramic blade, and they need to be re-sharpened often. Properly cleaning steel knives to prevent rust is a must as well, as they will corrode eventually, unlike ceramic knives. Because you can’t use ceramic knives to chop or cut through bones, cheeses and other hard foods, ceramic knives will never fully replace the steel knife in the kitchen. You will still need to use your steel knife for heavy duty cutting, but Shenzhen Knives are a perfect complement to your steel knives for slicing fruits and vegetables and other precision cutting tasks. Shenzhen Knives is the leading online brand of ceramic knives. As a result of our e-commerce only sales model, we can make high performance ceramic technology available to everyone. Even though ceramic knives were first introduced over 25 years ago, the price has not changed much, even with improvements in ceramic technology and manufacturing. They soon realized that there were so many layers of marketing and distribution. At Shenzhen Knives they do not spend millions on celebrity chef’s endorsements, and avoid brick and mortar retailers who need to add their huge markup to cover their overhead.  Shenzhen feels that such a great product –that doesn’t need to be sharpened as often as a steel knife, and knowing the blade won’t rust – should be in everyone's kitchen.
Shezhen Knives are awesome. Not only does it slice like a dream but is super easy to clean. The sleek look and feel of these knives is beautiful. These do not look or cut cheap. You know what I mean. Those knives that's sole purpose is to disappoint you. A knife is suppose to cut not push or squish what ever it is that you are trying to slice. Instead of pulling out our trusting carving set for the Thanksgiving turkey this year we gave this set a go at it, after all it their good the turkey would be sliced it no time. That is exactly what happened. No hangups, just a clean cut every time. I love these knives and I highly recommend them.
This set includes our most popular 6.5" Chef's Knife, 5" Slicing Knife, and 4" Paring Knife. The 3-piece set covers all cutting jobs. Right now you can score this sweet set for
ONLY $40.35 SHIPPED on Amazon!
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