Protect Yourself From Online Predators!

SPAM has all sorts of faces. Each one is hiding behind one mask or another seeking only to destroy. This makes many very leery of where on the internet you can go and what link you can click. If you come across the wrong thing, your whole world can crumble in an instant. The internet is a life line for most of us. We communicate with friends and family, work, have fun, the possibilities just keep piling up. On the Internet, your information is very precious and criminals will try to use malware, viruses, phishing, and spam to get it. These methods only get more sophisticated and tricky so even if you have last year’s security solution, it’s not going to cover the newest threats. Why? 
McAfee Home Products

Because those who are out to get you spent last year climbing over that security wall you created hoping you will not see. We know that choosing security software can be overwhelming because there are so many products with similar claims. Using programs like McAfee will keep the predators at bay. Why worry when they can guard and protect your computer for you. Not only will it block 100 percent of attacks, it detects 99 percent of known malware. Have some kind of Internet security in place so your usernames, passwords, and payment information, stay yours. I expect a full-featured security suite to include antivirus, firewall, antispam, parental control, and antiphishing or other privacy protection. With McAfee Internet Security, you get all of that plus online backup, system cleanup, vulnerability scanning, and more. Why settle for being partially protected by either your computers built in firewall or basic internet security, when you can be covered by McAfee. Whether your signing up for a freebie, purchasing online, or even opening a simple email, the last thing you need is to violated. Don't be caught of guard when SPAM is trying to attack, protect yourself after all the internet is an extension of yourself. If your computer is sick, most likely you will be too. 

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