Pac-Man & Ghost Plush from Goldie International Review!

My generation grew up with Pac-Man. Going to the arcade and using the joy stick to master each level with Pac-Man was the ultimate goal. This game turned out to be a huge hit from the start and is forever immortalized as a wonderful must have classic game. The younger generation very seldom have the chance to experience the complete awesomeness that is that game. Even with never seeing it before they love it from the moment they lay eyes on it. My daughter is a prime example, never seeing the game before she immediate fell in-love with the Pac-Man & Ghost plush from Goldie International.
I absolutely love the plush that Goldie International makes. Each one has high quality stitching and spot on design. I can't stand when a company mis-represents a character by making there design flawed. No worries there with Goldie Int. The sound box in each plush is exact and premium quality sound is coming out of each one. My daughter really love both of these adorable plushes. The concept behind each plush is quite simple: The player controls Pac-Man through a maze, eating pac-dots (also called pellets). When all pac-dots are eaten, Pac-Man is taken to the next stage. Between some stages one of three intermission animations plays. Four enemies (Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde) roam the maze, trying to catch Pac-Man. If an enemy touches Pac-Man, a life is lost and the Pac-Man itself withers and dies. When all lives have been lost, the game ends. The enemies in Pac-Man are known as "ghosts" or "monsters". The Red one is named "Blinky". Each plush provides a noise that co-insides exactly as the arcade game does. What I love the most about these wonderful plushes is my daughter can play with them and adore them as a plush while I get to be nostalgic.
These plush toys from Goldie International are a totally tubular, wicked awesome blast from the past. Cuddle up to your favorite characters from the classic Pac-Man video game. Comes complete with authentic gaming sounds! Ages: 8 & up. MSRP: $12.99 each, available at Toys "R" Us and Walgreens.
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