SmartKlean Laundry Kit - Laundry Ball & Stain Remover Review!

Laundry can be expensive and a very dreaded task to concur. The SmartKlean Laundry Ball is a chemical-free alternative to laundry detergent and is reusable for 365 wash loads. That is nearly seven times the average bottle of detergent! It replaces multiple laundry products allowing consumers to cut laundry costs by half or more per year. By replacing detergent, fabric softeners and dryer sheets, it cuts the number of chemicals flushed into the ecosystem and greatly reduces the amount of plastic waste sent to local landfills or recycling plants. SmartKlean also works to share and spread the toxic truth about laundry detergents and other household cleaning supplies. SmartKlean is a small family company responsible for an innovative product that has revolutionized the world of laundry! Seriously it's TRUE. 
I simply love how much easier laundry has been using the SmartKlean Laundry Kit. All you do is toss it onto your load of laundry and let it do the extra work for you. I am quite impressed on how clean your clothing gets and how much money you can save by using these instead of detergent, fabric softeners and dryer sheets. It will remove light and new stains, but it won't remove stubborn stains. It is designed to wash regular day to day laundry. Still saving you tons of money, cleans your clothing, and eco-friendly.
 SmartKlean Ball BENEFITS:
- Can prevent 8-16 gallons of chemicals down the drain.
- Equivalent to 20-40 containers of laundry products.
- Leaves zero traces of chemicals in our aquatic ecosystems.
- It's extensive lifespan significantly reduces packaging waste.
- Conserves energy as there is no rinse cycle or hot water required.
One laundry ball can SAVE: 
- 6,000-8,000 gallons of water with a Traditional Top Loader
- 2,400-6,000 gallons of water with a High Efficiency (HE) Front Loader
*Without any suds or soapy residues, there’s nothing to rinse out, therefore you can skip -or- start from the rinse cycle. Most washing machines use 10-20 gallons per rinse cycle, therefore, depending on your washing machine.

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