Proper Retail Shopping Manners - Don'ts!

It's that time of year again where everyone is hustling and bustling around getting that perfect gift or creating a perfect meal. A time for love and celebrating the joy of one another can turn into an unpleasant headache really quick. It seems people tend to check their manners at the door and turn into a shopping zombie. Completely oblivious to others around seeking only that main objective determined before even entering the store. Tis' the season for giving love not rude comments or gestures. Being considerate of others should be in everyone hearts, as you would want the same for yourself, friends, and loved ones. Heading out with a few simple tips can be quite helpful to ensure a much better time when shopping. After all, you are not the only one shopping.
- Block an isle, it's rude.
- Cut in front of someone, everyone hates that.
- Drive recklessly, enough said.
- Yell at a customer service employee, they only work for whom your mad at.
- Let your kids run around a store, they are your responsibility.
- Push and shove in line, remember your an adult.
- Show up 5 minutes before a store closes, unless your in and out. It's not their fault you cannot plan your time accordingly.
- Get in the 15 items or less line with 30 items, your not an exclusion.
- Clip your coupons at the register, have them ready before you get there.
- Open packages of items unless your buying it.
- Play "chicken" in an isle with some one just because you think you own the store.
- Hover over someone looking at an item, go back at another time or say "excuse me" to retrieve what you need.
- Be rude.

**These tips are not for everyone and that's only the ones who read this 
and said to themselves, "Well duh".